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Originally Posted by KryoShift View Post
somehow I don't think this thread was meant to be a d***-wagging session of everyone posting their computer specs, misleading title aside
So to get back to the real issue:

The original poster's computer is perfectly capable of running Reason very well. 16 gigs of RAM might help, especially since he's running another large program at the same time, but here's what I believe is really the issue for him:

I've heard from many people that running Reason as a rewire slave kills its performance.

Getting a slightly faster CPU to replace your already near-top-of-the-line CPU is not going to gain you much. If a large part of your work is in Reason though, it would definitely help to run Reason stand-alone while you're working on the parts that you're using it for, and then if you have to you can bounce the CPU-heavy tracks to audio when you go to rewire it.

I know it's not the answer you want, or the answer that I want, but whether the performance issues are all on Reason, Rewire, or even the master application, there are performance issues that you just may not be able to avoid right now on complex tracks.

You can get around them like I said by bouncing some of your tracks to audio though, and you may be able to increase performance quite a bit by adjusting the audio settings in Reason, depending on what you're using.

Try increasing the "Buffer Size" and possibly decreasing the sample rate if it's higher than necessary. Most people use 44.1kHz or 48kHz...I use 48k, and I've tried 96k but for me that was a real performance killer.

Anyway, there are probably some other things you could try to improve performance too, but on the computer hardware front I think a RAM upgrade could possibly help, but I think a CPU upgrade would just disappoint you.

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