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Originally Posted by platzangst View Post
Oh, come on, don't be that dim. You're reading into this words I never said, and you're extracting meanings that aren't there. "Unregistered copies" does not automatically convey legitimacy. There are two types of unregistered copies: Those purchased legitimately, and those which aren't. Cracks are a subset of "unregistered copies", by sheer elemental obviousness.

No. You are fighting to solve a problem that does not exist.

Although, the fact I am having to explain this to you is your own best evidence, I guess. If you assume that all unregistered copies are legitimately bought, you might have a case there, but as noted above, they aren't. Some unregistered copies are cracks.

Let's be realistic: There are very few good reasons to not register any version of Reason. Anyone who shows up in this forum and talks about their using Reason, especially if they show any amount of experience with it, and they do not have a Reason icon by their name? There's a very strong possibility they're using a pirated version. In fact, I'd be willing to guess that would be the majority. The only other people I can think of are the folks who sell their Reason license and then hang around the General Forum to criticize or bash Reason and its users.

Pirates and trolls: those people are going to know exactly what I imply if I say "unregistered copies may be unstable" - in other words, "one type of unregistered copy, cracks, might be unstable". And even if someone who has legitimately purchased a copy of Reason is so ingenuous as to assume I mean all unregistered copies including legitimate ones, one would like to hope answering a follow-up question like "really? how?" would immediately clear all that up for anyone over the age of 12.
Wow! Sorry I have bothered you that much. I shall leave this thread and let you police in peace, officer. Keep shooting first and asking later.

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