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Old 2012-12-09, 06:04
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Originally Posted by markdarbyshire View Post
If someone's going to do this, would it also make sense to add delay knobs to each row/lane? Then we could start to use it to build guitar strummers...
Nice idea! Ah! If I was a RE designer...
Old 2012-12-09, 12:40
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ohh yes!!!!!!!!

just a copy of fruityloops step sequencer please

a 8 sequencer unit with individual lanes/tracks for:
1. note with notelength,
2. gate
3. 4x Curve CV OUT switchable uni/bipolar

and it would be cool to have 32steps on the Curve CV and 16or 8 or 16T on the Note CV or Gate CV..
every existing control voltage have to be selectable in the steplength

and we need Polymode for the Notes
Old 2012-12-09, 13:35
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on a post of the forum jyggery have design a new matrix, it's a nice solution,

and integrate THE "copy pattern to track" in SDK is the futur !!!

i'm too for a Live Block ( multi pattern sequencer player for liveset)

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