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Old 2012-12-10, 16:42
bjabsen bjabsen is offline
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Thumbs down Either i`m stupid, or this is just stupid?

So yeah hey again i`ve made my own track right now, a remix witch i got in a complete audio file so its hardly a remix at all


I have problems to play it when i`m exporting it to a wav file, what do i do? i seriously need some help because i have been struggling... I tried to convert the exact same file that i exported to an MP3 file, but i can`t hear anything from the windows player.

I open it, then it says "Error occurred"

I want it on youtube but youtube don`t for some reason support the files so i need to convert it, but when i have a wav or a MP3 file it shud be uploadable, but why upload it when it doesent have ANY sound in it, its so frustating.

Please help :,(
Old 2012-12-10, 16:53
electricfusion's Avatar
electricfusion electricfusion is online now
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IDK what went wrong but here´s a free audio editor which let´s you convert wave files to mp3.
And here´s a description how to convert
Hope this will help you.
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Old 2012-12-10, 17:15
Join Date: Aug 2012
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check to see what bit rate you have exported at. 24bit is great for higher quality (more dynamic range), but if it's for Youtube / MP3s etc then on exporting the audio select 16bit instead of 24bit. This will reduce the dynamic range to 96dB (same as CDs) - also set sample rate as 44100hz. Again standard CD sample / bit rates

Post back if this fixes
Old 2012-12-10, 22:17
bjabsen bjabsen is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 16
Lambo uhm, 16 bit and 44100hz is already standard when i try to export it... but thanks for atleast trying to help ... im gonna try the suggestion i got from electricfusion !
Old 2012-12-10, 22:21
bjabsen bjabsen is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 16
Uhm the thing is this, i exported it to a wave file, and i converted it to a MP3 file, but when i press it its no sound :,( i dont know what to do.
Old 2012-12-10, 22:26
MayorMcCheese MayorMcCheese is offline
Join Date: May 2012
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What size (KB, MB) is the .wav file that you exported from Reason and what size is the converted mp3 file?
Old 2012-12-10, 23:55
moneykube's Avatar
moneykube moneykube is offline
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um... here is a silly question.... does the wave file play ok ?
Old 2012-12-11, 08:29
bjabsen bjabsen is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 16
It doesen`t even play :S... i simply export a file without the song in it, it so frustating. :/
Old 2012-12-11, 08:30
bjabsen bjabsen is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 16
I give you an answer when i get home, i`m at school thank you all for trying to help
Old 2012-12-11, 08:51
platzangst's Avatar
platzangst platzangst is offline
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The first things I would look at are:

1) Have I exported a loop instead of a song? Possibly a loop where the right and left indicators are set right on top of each other?

2) Related: Is my end marker actually at the end of the song, and not mistakenly dragged to the very beginning?

3) Am I trying to export to a filename with unusual or non-standard characters?

4) Am I actually giving Reason enough time to complete writing the file? Am I sure I'm not interrupting or interfering with the writing before it's done?

5) Do I have enough space on my hard drive to write the file? Am I sure my destination disc isn't write-protected, somehow?

6) Is my mixer, in fact, connected to the proper Reason outs to enable disc writing?
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