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Old 2012-12-08, 19:17
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RE-Trial of Rack Extensions(5-10 days extension everytime there's an update)

I think it's better to have a trial extension every time there's an update, especially significant updates.
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Old 2012-12-10, 22:05
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Originally Posted by dudelab21 View Post
I think it's better to have a trial extension every time there's an update, especially significant updates.
I 200% agree!
There are multiple RE's that have been updated but i can't try it anymore.
The current RE trial system is FAR from ideal.

It doesn't work like this with for instance VST's, you can download a trial version at any time you want (thus after a fix/new update/etc.) to test.
I would rather see something like you can run only 5 or 10 minutess per session for every RE, or something similar limitation.
Old 2012-12-10, 22:26
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Absolutely. When you have someone like Synapse do a major update that adds some significant features, it'd be great to go back and trial it again.

Or maybe change it so after the full trial period, the plugins start talking about "demo version" randomly, noise swells, etc.

I like extensions better, though PH may not want to "deal with the hassle" or whatever.
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Old 2012-12-10, 23:35
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I'd be happy with an hour just to see what the device is like after the updates, 5-10 days is a bit too much to ask but an hour is fair

I like the 30 day no limitation trial system but after the major update from synapse I would like an hour to see the new features and fixes, descriptions are cool but I don't know what the device will sound like or how it affects my use of it from when I trialled it first time round

Saying that even an in depth video of these changes so I can see for myself would be cool

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