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With what headphone impedances does Balance work best? I'm planning to buy a pair of headphones that have quite high impedance (300 ohms) but I don't know if they will work well with Balance? (Sennheiser HD650)

Edit: I have now bought HD650's and can report that they work absolutely fine with Balance.

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I've just received my DT770 250ohm headphones and plugged them into Balance. The sound is beautiful and loud even at 50% volume (and I've been playing drums for 25 years so must have some hearing damage).

The reviews about the headphone volume in Balance are clearly wrong.
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I am having the same problem I am only going to be useing headphones with balance at the moment, the headphone level is up full and it is very quiet. Im using a mac and have gone into audio midi setup and balance's level is as high as it can be and so are the levels for the mac. Im sure I must be doing something wrong. Any help much appreciated!
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I find the headphone amp and the direct outs to be lower than I would like. I have Sony MDR-7506, Sony MDR-7509 and it's fine for those. But for my Sennheiser HD650 headphones it's a little low. And the direct out I run to mono to an Avantone mix cube and it's a bit lower than I would like. I have to turn up the amp on the cube almost to max.. but the sound is still clear. If you read about how the Balance DAC/ADC work, they are at full volume for optimal sound quality and the knobs are analog and only lower the signal.

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