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Thumbs up thaks for the report

this is good news... perhaps the update to 10.8.2 helped.
I went to the apple site and checked mountain lion crash problems with users... there were many, but they all seemed to be with people who updated to mountain lion from an older os... I checked many posts... people are having problems with mail and internet browsers... even finalcut and made me a bit worried about taking the plunge. I've been burnt too many times by computer companies. I always jump on just before they drop support for a product and change everything... very annoying
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Originally Posted by SteveeGhoul View Post
Does Balance work with the new Mac mini with USB 3.0 ports? I might be getting one.

I don't own Balance but my Presonus Audiobox 1818vsl seems to be working for the most part. I seem to be getting random clicks occasionally but haven't been able to troubleshoot yet.

This could also be an issue with my speakers as one of them behaves badly.

As far as crashes though, haven't had any on Reason and I purposely kept Reason open all night to see if it would crash. It didn't.

I have upgraded the ram to 16 gigs and installed a 2tb external hard drive and dvd drive. I will do a facetime camera at some point but right now not a big priority.

I am copying a lot of my files from my old PC via wireless right now but that takes a while but I am doing this stuff between jobs and sleep.

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