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Old 2012-12-12, 16:39
jengstrom jengstrom is offline
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L6TWXY is the library shared between POD Farm and Reason/Record.
On Mac, you find it under Library/Frameworks, and it's called L6TWXY.framework.

You can safely delete L6TWXY.framework and Reason will install the version it ships with instead, as it starts up.

You may want to check your user home folder also, if that has a Library/Frameworks/L6TWXY.framework, you can delete that one as well.

What version of POD Farm did you use with Live 8?
It's possible that the version you used is old and has an old bug, which would overwrite the version installed by Reason, and possibly somehow prevent Reason from repairing it.

If it was a new version of POD Farm, that would be very interesting.
I'd like to try and repeat your results.

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