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Old 2012-12-11, 21:02
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Thank you, but I do also have an error when unpacking.

An error has occured. The file J Piano 5*.repatch could not be extracted.

You shouldn't use * in a file name

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Old 2012-12-11, 21:06
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I think Tom Pritchard is going to do some really special refills for this.
~ Jon West

Let the music speak for itself...

I think my music TALKS LOUDER THAN YOURS!!!
Old 2012-12-11, 22:25
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Im sorry... I don't know what went wrong. Instead of re-zipping it and have the same thing happen again, this is where I got them all.
Dreams are only the beginning.

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Old 2012-12-12, 02:07
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I hope they eventually allow the Coarse knob to be automated.
Old 2012-12-12, 10:36
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archive tested fine for me using 7zip
Old 2012-12-12, 15:13
joseydeclaire joseydeclaire is offline
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on MAC the archive works fine too.

thx for that stuff ; )
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Old 2012-12-12, 22:07
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The zip was made on a Mac, which means it won't behave properly in Windows unless you use 7Zip to extract it. (Windows and WinRAR hate Mac made Zips)
Old 2012-12-12, 23:27
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Thank you! Now I believe in Santa again!
Old 2012-12-15, 10:12
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Originally Posted by Geneyus6 View Post
I think Tom Pritchard is going to do some really special refills for this.
Yeah I'll have a go, the PX7 is lush. I did a few of the Combis that come with it, Boards of Canapad, House Stab and Minimal Dub Chord are my faves.
Tom Pritchard Sound Design
Old 2013-01-07, 04:56
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The download seems to have died. I accidently deleted the .zip and was hoping to re-download it.

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