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Originally Posted by JensenTNI View Post
ReGroove hasn't blown me away. I tried to add some random variation to a piano piece to make it sound more alive and all it did was messing up my sequencing, as in moving about my notes. Looping sounded crap, because suddenly some notes where moved to before the marker so you would not hear them play within the loop. I think it would be more useful if in fact it didn't move about the notes, just create a shuffle "illusion". But maybe I just overlooked some setting that would make it do exactly this, I don't know
Once you applied your regroove to a track, open the tool window and play with "timing impact" and "note length impact" and "velocity impact". You can do this while your loop is running. Also try out different groove patches, they don`t always fit right away. You can also make your own regroove patches, i.e. extracting it from a midi note lane you just recorded or a rex loop that you like, and then applying it to something different.
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Yep, tried playing around with that, somehow it just made a mess but maybe I should have a look again though. Thanks for the tip
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oh, "remess" instead of regroove, that`s never good
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It will only shift certain notes off the grid. If you can't hear any difference once you run stuff through the Re-Groove mixer, then i am guessing you only have midi notes triggered on beat divisions that aren't affected by shuffle/swing.

Try stick a 32nd note on every 16th division and dial in 70% shuffle - then you'll hear a HUGE difference in the groove!
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This has no become an essential part of our music.

Love it for the simplicity of use and the effect. Helps bring tracks to life with groove and swagger.

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