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Old 2012-12-14, 00:51
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Originally Posted by Hessel123 View Post
so I was working on this track for like an hour. just had a good groove going & Reason fucking crashed on me!!! there wasn't even like a warning. Reason simply disappeared in front of my eyes. NO FUCKING WARNING WHATSOEVER!!!

it's definitely not my computer btw. I have a super fast and very stabile Mac that runs 10.8!

Just wanted to load a sample by pressing ALT + CMD + I & then Reason crashed! (my mac is totally fine, it didn't even logout or restart so it's DEFINITELY NOT MY MAC!!!)

there is also no fucking crash report! only one ''Recovered 13 december'' file that only contains 1 waveform I can't even play. my project contained at least 10 to 15 1 hit samples & 10 recorded wavs already!!!!

I've had this happen before but then I was lucky enough to save. now i didn't. but it's not about that. I simply can't trust this fucking software anymore because I don't know when it's going to fucking crash WITHOUT WARNING!!!! that's the worst part. WITHOUT FUCKING WARNING!!!!!


oh btw I have no RE plugins so that's not it either.
Listen, whats the point of your message? It sucks when you lose a project, but i have learned that you gain knowledge, and usually the second time is always better because you already know what you want.

I dont have crashes on my Windows PC maybe you need to stop using your mac
Old 2012-12-14, 15:14
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I've had this happen multiple times and it happens all day everyday now. Its annoying as all hell but the only problem I see with it is ML. Never happened on SL for me but happens everyday in ML.
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Old 2012-12-14, 16:02
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I've found Reason to be one of the most stable program's i've ever used, especially for audio production, i've had too many unexpected crashes on logic and pro tools, so it's just as well I only keep most of my main work on Reason, I think maybe I had only 1 crash this whole year, so I wouldn't blame the software, however if you want to do anything useful rather than burst a blood vessel, you can contact support detailing the crash, they may even be able to help you recover your lost work, and take this as a tragic experience we ALL have to go through at some point, always back up and save your work frequently, no system will ever be 100% stable. I recall a time when working at college, there were several students all working on tracks and work on their computers, and suddenly there was a power surge throughout the whole college (I still blame the idiots who were let into the studio who don't know what they're doing). So all their work was lost, including the recording session next door, it was very sad, but then everybody started getting on with their work again, starting it from scratch, and only 10 minutes later there was another surge which turned off everything again, causing everybody to lose all their work a second time, and the guys from the studio next door came through and said "We had just recorded the most perfect vocal take ever.."

I think everybody learnt their lesson that day.
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Old 2012-12-14, 18:31
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You need to lo a support query through the Support page on this site. There's a button near the top that'll take you there, and then you simply follow the instructions. Sucks that you're having problems, logging a support query is the best way to get them sorted.
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Old 2012-12-14, 19:21
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the ML problem is not listed on system requirements page... perhaps it should be
Old 2012-12-14, 23:55
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Originally Posted by Lunesis View Post
My question is, how do you complete a song in one hour?
with the right flow

just when everything works as you need it
Old 2013-04-30, 09:05
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same thing just happened to me devastating..... i was about 8 hours in cant believe i didnt save it
Old 2013-04-30, 10:14
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Originally Posted by nhsh View Post
I sympathise, but I don't know of any software that gives you a warning it's about to crash. Like:

>> CRASHING IN 5, 4, 3, 2, <<
Big LOL when I read this.

I can imagine Marvin the paranoid android saying this! 8))
Old 2013-04-30, 11:46
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Don't get mad at the software....might be your computer not handling the power right.....and besides you should be saving every 10 minutes or so regardless it takes two second to save......And finally you get mad at reason but I know pro tools and Cubase crash just as much probably more than reason software when I use to have to go to the studio (got my own now) the guy had to save my files every 10 minutes just incase protools crashed so it will happen with all software

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