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Backdrops for kong/combinator

you know how you can use your picture as the backdrop for the combinator and kong ect. has anyone made a template for it or a program that you can use to design your own custom backdrops? i can never get mine to look good lol
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I use Photoshop, but any art/photo program with decent tools and the ability to open .psd's and create jpg's should work for you. Windows Paint: yeah, not so much.
Templates are psd files here: C:\Program Files\Propellerhead\Reason\Template Documents\Backdrops

From the text file in that folder: "The two Template Backdrop.jpg files are useful if you don't have a program that can read Adobe Photoshop files. Simply open the jpg file in any bitmap editor and draw/paint what you want. The template gives you the correct backdrop dimensions and help you see where each element goes."
That's fine, but you're better off with a program that'll open psd's
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Can somebody post the clean backdrop? It's not in my reason 6 folder...

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If you use Photoshop, you can download my template and play around with that.

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If you don't have the money to buy photoshop, get GIMP. works well enough
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Do you have the template for the kong designer?
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C'mon guys, get a grip. We are talking about a DAW here. For me (and many others) its all about the sound. Stop for a moment being consumers and try be artists...
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Originally Posted by cheokeh View Post
C'mon guys, get a grip. We are talking about a DAW here. For me (and many others) its all about the sound. Stop for a moment being consumers and try be artists...
I'll bite...and I do have a grip.

I've been looking for these templates for a while now. It's fun to make skins when you're done with music making. Plus, when I'm done sampling my old DR660, it'd be nice to have Kong look a bit more like the real thing. Carry on.
Cookie I think you're tame.

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