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Old 2012-12-16, 22:32
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Originally Posted by rlubeck View Post
I purposely wasn't going to comment on your song, I never comment on a song I dislike
You lie. You insulted one of mine not too long ago.

Originally Posted by rlubeck View Post

You come across as a rank amateur with an attitude (also based on your amp/guitar stomp box vs. EDM artists posts from not too long ago, but this takes the cake).

Your song is "meh" in terms of arrangement and generally unappealing, tough luck.
So the guy didn't jump up in excitement when listening to this (who would) and you now claim he knows nothing about music and needs to be more professional or you'll sit in a corner doing nothing.

Didn't the fact he outsourced the audiopart ring a bell? Most people who don't create music outsource this part of their project but they are still an audience.
Instead of whining like a little bitch, take your losses and tweak/learn/take the advice in order to get better/meet their expectations.
You really should shut up, especially since you are too chicken to post any of your own music.
Old 2012-12-16, 23:02
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Thank you, mbain. Some folks just don't have the decency or manners that others do. Did his parents raise him wrong? I don't know... And just because I (or anyone) express myself as a paying customer who desires more tools, or as a musician looking for feedback or advice on collaborating with this oddball filmmaker, doesn't mean I'm "whining like a little bitch".
I just lost all respect for that rubleck character. He must be a sad individual in order to talk down to anyone in the Propellerhead community like that. This aint some random forum or chatroom, pal. We know each other here and don't forget garbage like that.
At least he can say he's the first one on my list! That's something to be proud of for a negative, tactless person like him.
"Life is a movie, you're a star."
"Don't waste your talents."
"Give music life!"

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