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Can do a couple of things.

1) bounce whole track down to a stereo stem (stereo file) and reimport the whole track

2) duplicate it so 2 audio tracks, label one as 'in the club' and the other 'outside the club' for ease

3) mute all other tracks (unless you have a new Reason file with just these tracks)

4) now at the point where you want the 'outside the club' effect to be heard, cut the track and leave the section you want to be 'outside'

5) on the 'outside' track go to the main mixer and with the LPF knob turn it on (this will only allow Low frequencies, hense the name, Low Pass Filter = 'no audio signal above the LPF setting shall not pass'), and set the filter up accordingly, making sure the other track is muted for now

6) Once happy with your outside sound, cut the section in the inside-the-club track so that you have no overlaps (dont want outside and inside playing together)

7) Unmute both tracks, and play. You might hear a nasty 'pop' when the tracks 'switch. This is due to maybe the sound file itself, because of phase of the signal (ie it might not be at the zero point = the horizontal line in the middle of the audio file you can see - this is the quietest section, up to the top is +1, to the bottom is -1, be worth reading up a bit on trimming samples and what the zero point is, basically it's the point where *nothing* is output); you can resolve this by creating either a fade using the mixer controls, or fade in the samples into one another, or fade the filter from high to low, to 'blend' the signal instead - various methods, pick whatever works best

If you get stuck hit us up

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