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Old 2012-12-16, 20:04
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LOL!!! ok - cool.

(I love when questions are answered with a photo) (;
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Old 2012-12-16, 20:06
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Yeah, i couldn't have explained it better than that picture haha
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Old 2012-12-16, 21:27
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Originally Posted by Dave909 View Post

Exactly what I was going to suggest. They work great on most surfaces that collect dust. I use em on all my musical equipment.
Old 2012-12-17, 00:17
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Woofer collecting dust? Turn that shit up louder son.
Old 2012-12-18, 14:58
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LOL - I love all the replies here!
Now you've got me worrying about my monitors... I keep meaning to get some covers for them. I sometimes cover things that are difficult to clean when they're not in use (e.g. PC keyboard). That can help reduce the build-up. (Or is it just that removing the cover knocks the dust off!)
Old 2012-12-18, 16:01
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I own these and love them. Great bang for the buck, have only owned KRK Monitors and have always been impressed. The coverings on these are actually quite durable. However I would stay away from using anything damp on them. Compressed air and a swiffer are actually quite good suggestions, although I have never actally cleaned mine.
Old 2012-12-18, 17:18
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If cones can take Dubstep, they presumably can take some sandblasting, too!

Disclaimer: This was a joke ...

I always use a little hand brush with soft hairs for this. Works perfectly.
Old 2012-12-18, 18:25
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Originally Posted by kungfujedi View Post
Woofer collecting dust? Turn that shit up louder son.

But then again every little dust flock that is blown of by the volume is attracted by the electricity that runs through these things.
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And remember, blessed are the cheesemakers, and any manufacturers of dairy-based music !
Originally Posted by obroadfield View Post
You're a hero Eric...thank you.

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