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Originally Posted by Heliophile View Post
Wow, thanks everyone! I've got some listening to do, because honestly I'm not that familiar with most of the bands that were mentioned as my suspected influences. De/Vision is definitely an important influence for me and so is Diorama, but my 80's pop influences make my stuff sound a bit less dark than those bands, I think.
One of the interesting things about pop music is the long chain of influence. We hear a lot of Yazoo in your music, for example (I'm assuming they are one of the bands you are not familiar with). Since De/Vision are somewhat influenced by Yazoo (although darker), you're influenced by Yazoo by proxy. (And they were influenced by Abba, etc.) Fascinating stuff.

There are so many indie bands in my city that are deeply, deeply influenced by David Bowie and Joy Division, but I would wager that half of them have no idea.

I really like your sound. I think experimenting with subtle vocal effects (e.g. more reverb and harsher compression) could be fruitful, but like Raymond said, you could very well end up back where you started. There's a maxim in the design community that goes "First Idea, Best Idea". Obviously it isn't always true (or even usually true) but it does get to the point that your initial instincts are telling you something, and you should make sure you listen.
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