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lost in reason

is reason record reason 5? can someone tell me please
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Originally Posted by wjp1 View Post
is reason record reason 5? can someone tell me please
Starting at Reason 6, Reason and Record are one.
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reason record is not reason 5. reason 5 is mainly for making beats just like previous reason versions. now reason record was then created mainly for vocals but if you have both RECORD AND REASON 5 you can open reason record and have access to your reason 5 beats files and be able to edit and re-arange your beats on RECORD. as BonezMcCoy said, propellerheads then intergrated the softwares into one and reason 6 was born
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As above ^. Reason Record has many of the effects in Reason 5 but none of the synths, barring the ID8 which I believe is for 'sketching' ideas like piano/string lines etc. - tho I've never used it. Reason 5 on the otherhand can't handle/record audio outside of samplers and REX loops.

If you have both Reason 5 and Record 1.5 you get the best of both worlds. But if you don't have either get 6 where they're nicely integrated (as they probably should have been from the beginning) as BonezMcCoy said.
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reason 5 has all the drum machines, synths, matrix , effects, regroove.etc..

record brought along the auto tune device id8 and line 6 amps as well as audio recording and the mixer

they were independent programs that ran together or stand alone.

reason 6 fused all of it into one program and then introduced rack extentions
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