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Hey Ochen!!! System ENV-8000+


SYSTEM - ENV - 8000+

Multi segment envelopes are extremely flexible modulation sources. Their structure is
made of grouped time/level parameters that allows one to generate an almost free
modulation amount over several time segments. The following diagram illustrates the
structure of a multi segment envelope:

add also:
RED: positiv & negativ curve (1 knob)
BLUE: Level 3 - sharp (pointed) to round (1knob)

based on a Waldorf Microwave XT

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Sounds like a great opportunity for a developer to create a more complex envelope generator! I think the native A-Series envelope generator is a good basic generator. It's the same one as most of the current synths in Reason. If there's a widespread need for something like the 8000, I might take a crack at that as a stand-alone module after the A-Series is out.
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do it!

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