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Originally Posted by bozotoo View Post
Certainly many or even most would like a polyphonic modular system. But if even if a modular was "mono" that would not be a deal killer at all. I used to work for Roland, as the U.S. product specialist for the system 700 and 100M as well as the Microcomposer. I also worked for Serge building modular systems when the "factory" was in Hollywood and for Wavemakers (another defunct modular instrument maker) as they tried to move into the mainstream market. So I definately have my own biases.

But the simple fact is, any good modular is, by definition, "polyphoic" (in the sense of being able to produce more than one note at a time) as well as being polytimbral. A large enough modular can produce multiple different voices (depending on how many VCAs there are to articulate a voice). Its just that you cannot necessarily get polyphonic AND polytimbral out of every voice/module chain. But that is not really the main reason for having a modular system. That kind of thing is MUCH better (and much more easily) done with the pre-patched and semi-modular systems such as the Subtractor and the Thor.

Secondly, there is already a redundancy in polyphonic/keyboard-oriented synthesizers in Reason. That includes the semi-modular Thor which, with its modulation matrix can do most of what any polyphoic modular would do. That box is pretty much already checked. I don't mean to say that a true-polyphonic/true modular is a bad idea -just that the polyphonic (in the conventional keyboard sense) aspect should be secondary and should most certainly not stop someone from developing the modular system to begin with.

What we need in a modular system in Reason is something that takes full advantage of the creative and even whacky voice architecture you can construct with a true modular AND that can be integrated with the rest of Reason. Also, we need something that can go BEYOND the standard piano keyboard and all the limitations that places on us. Granted, most muscicians want a piano style keyboard on their synthesizer. But again, we already have SEVERAL of those. It seems to me that the best aspect of a true modular would be to open up totally NEW possibilities, not just make it more difficult to do the same thing that other instruments can already do.



Hey, talk to your buddies at Roland and get them to do the system 700 and 100M for REs. I remember literally drooling over those brochures as a kid in High School!

For me I want to see poly CV AND poly voice interconnects in Reason. Then you really could build your own synth. Poly CV is easy since we already have a CV interface - just need to support poly gate really. Poly voice would require a new interconnect protocol/cable IMO. But if those were in place you could literally mix-n-match any part of any synth with any other. Use Samples from NN-XT going through Thor's filters, and modulated by Malstrom's "Mods", with a poly limiter placed after the filters to control resonance. One can dream… :-)
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