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Old 2012-12-22, 03:21
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Yes, plese allow half rack devices in the next version of the RE SDK.

@dstreets: I suppose someone would really love to "code" a nice free half rack RE then without any function but just as a space filler for people who like their racks without any holes
Old 2012-12-23, 17:36
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Originally Posted by theflowerpeople View Post
Has anyone else noticed the ridiculous amount of space wasted by some of these fun new extensions?
(RP Distort, Saturation Knob). Half-Racks are so light on CPU. But it seems as though they have forgotten about those of us who aren't using i7's on a 27 inch screen. Maybe they can release cheaper/low cpu 500 series REs?
Device folding would be nice.
Old 2013-06-24, 01:00
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I'd want the Thor oscillators (even if they would be CV only), the Thor filters and the Kong FX modules as half rack devices (and the Kong drum modules would make nice full-wide devices). The DSP code already exists. Creating front plates and rear connectors should be fairly (well...) straightforward.

If released as RE, I think I'd even be willing to *buy* them (at a modest price) even though I've technically already got them. Some REs in the shop would already be better off half-wide and I guess SDK support for "small" devices would spark new ideas (say, a Casiotone VL-1 oscillator) among developers.

Originally Posted by dstreets View Post
Please - no half racks! When I do use the small delay or unison, it totally drives me nuts that the other half or the rack is empty.
And... oh, while at it, could we have a half rack blank rack plate too, please. (No, I'm not teasing you - the blind panel above the Master Compressor makes me itch at times. Put the splash there, or - at least - a propellerhead logo. Anything.).
Old 2013-06-24, 01:17
Exowildebeest Exowildebeest is online now
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Definitely the Kong effects as half racks. That would make me use them so much more.

It just feels wrong to use a whole Kong just for a few of those little things.
Old 2013-06-24, 02:09
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Originally Posted by plaamook View Post
when thor came out i just pulled my hair out! all that stuff buried in a behemoth of manual routing. what a drag. at least give it a straight DI on the back so you can run samples right through the whole thing. but no, want two thor filters? thats two thors. and so forth.
??? You can route to each of Thor's filters. Also, I recommend using the MClass Comp as a follower, as it gives you more control than Pulveriser.
Old 2013-06-25, 08:30
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To me, these are the most needed "features" for the next version of the RE SDK, in order:

1) CPU optimizations
2) half-rack support (!)
3) collapsible panels support (as in NN-XT and RV7000)
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Old 2013-06-28, 18:03
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Originally Posted by theflowerpeople View Post
Cheaper, lower CPU half-rack Re.
I agree with the title of this thread but, just a little warning: GUI size has absolutely nothing to do with "lower CPU" devices. can have a 9U full width rack device that does absolutely nothing and a pedal-board shoebox sized rack device that's has heavy on DSP as the heaviest RE currently available.

But, half-rack and even smaller (think KongFX devices) would be a nice thing to have on the rack.

It would make those 1-knob 1U/2U rack devices less screen wasters.
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