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Old 2012-12-20, 15:20
razingspiral razingspiral is offline
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Originally Posted by KidBomba View Post
An amazon style rating would be good. SO people that are complaining or providing invaluable review, would get negative scores while good reviews get plus scores.
Yeah some sort of 'crowd control' like Amazon, or YouTube for that matter, would help screen out people complaining for the sake of it and not using the system with the best of intentions.

I actually think this would help RE sales since there have been a couple of times where I hadn't even thought of buying(/trying) one but have been swayed by a convincing review. Case in point: Pulsar. I unfortunately missed the boat on the free give-away and I thought it was a bit expensive so I dismissed it; but after seeing a good review on YouTube I tried it and bought it. It is now a ubiquitous part of my setup which saves me messing about with thor/subtractor/malstrom etc. unless I really need to.

I'd rather see 5 star ratings on the quality of someone's review than the product itself, which are frankly meaningless to me. "So this compressor is 4* and so's that one, which would suit me?" Do any REs ever get less than 3*, and whatis the quantifiable difference between 3* to 5*? :S

Yes of course you could try for yourself, but not all of us are Reason demi-gods and would appreciate some guidence from those more in-the-know.
Old 2012-12-20, 15:27
razingspiral razingspiral is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
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Originally Posted by SHOMGS View Post
I'm not sure I could handle the polar extremes, such as you tend to see with amazon reviews, for rack extensions. It would likely be, 'this is the best thing ever' against reviews stating, 'this is the biggest pile of shit ever'. Amazon reviews tend to be less than diplomatic in most cases. If people have spent their money on something that doesn't meet expectations they really let the product have it in any subsequent reviews.
Agreed. One would hope, though, the supporters of Props would be a bit more sophisticated
Old 2012-12-20, 16:31
JensenTNI JensenTNI is offline
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This was suggested a couple of times actually already and I agree, so +1
Old 2012-12-20, 17:18
jlgrimes jlgrimes is offline
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Originally Posted by dudelab21 View Post
I think if review/comments will be implemented, a lot of people will just complain for the sake of complaining without backing it up. That's what I'm afraid will happen if that's the case.
I think also some people will also do the opposite and praise the product without really stating why.

It is pretty normal for even great products to have a couple of harsh criticisms, so most people would ignore the few.

But if all you see are complaints than I think that would be a good tool. Probably also a good tool for the actual developers too because although I know we have the forums sometimes certain things can get drowned out.

I think a Netflix style review system probably would be appropriate. Where each review is then reviewed for inaccuracies and or just blatant bashing with no reason.

It would be important to explain why a person likes the product.
Old 2012-12-20, 18:27
razingspiral razingspiral is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 72
Originally Posted by jlgrimes View Post

I think a Netflix style review system probably would be appropriate. Where each review is then reviewed for inaccuracies and or just blatant bashing with no reason.
I'm not familiar with Netflix but that sounds more like what I meant. Perhaps citing Amazon wasn't the best example! I like YouTube where comments can be voted up or down by other members. Also as now I expect the review system if in place would only be available for those who have tried or bought the RE to avoid the Amazon/Daily Mail-complain-because-someone-else-said-you'd-be-offended scenario. Or just general moaning or bashing. Perhaps they could be rated for objectivity in criticism (good or bad).

Sorry to those who mentioned this before. *must read forums more carefully in future!*
Old 2012-12-21, 14:55
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HiddenOutsideTheBox HiddenOutsideTheBox is offline
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Absolutely agree +1 - It's almost censorship if you don't have a transparent review system.
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Old 2012-12-21, 15:55
Exowildebeest Exowildebeest is online now
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So will we get a Three Wolf Moon RE equivalent?
Old 2012-12-22, 22:50
plaamook's Avatar
plaamook plaamook is offline
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i agree that it'll be a feeding frenzy of garbage at times but there will be people who's opinions you respect in general, even if its just that they're on the same wave as you are, and you can see what they have to say about it. i'd like that.

so i suggest icons like in the forum or some way of zeroing in on what this person or that has to say. you'd def need a way of sifting through it somehow.
Old 2012-12-24, 08:41
Mothi Mothi is offline
Join Date: Aug 2011
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In my humble opinion it would probably make more sense if you see how many people 1.)tried and 2.)downloaded the Device.

At first I came here because I also wanted to have a review system same like amazon, but during reading I realized in the end that some comments are true, and that there is probably it is a better way to know if the device is "good" or "bad", useful or not.

For sure, if I want to know the sound of the device, I can listen to the demos on the page, go to youtube and listen, or download and try it myself. If I then realize I don't want it, I just leave it.

So for the ranking itself, there are some reasons why this also might not help, first if the price is too high, people who actually might want to have it will not buy it.
Second they realize they don't need the device and refuse to spend money on it. But, i the device it really good then people are going to spend this money, and you can see it has been purchased many times.

This information (both counter for try and purchased) would actually make more sense to me than a review system.

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