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This is the most wird happens quit a lot to me, but all I have to do is to go into this forum and when back to reason 6.0 and when it works works every time...very stange...however it still is anoying.
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get a pc running windows xp! never seen any bug ever in reason. ^^
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Hi all...has any of u solved this??have upgraded to 6 and a few weeks in im gettin this same msg!!Please help!!

Macbook Pro 10.5.8
Old 2011-10-28, 00:26
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i have that whenever i try to save a session its so fucking weird and i dont want to delete everything i already did
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I just got Reason 6 and am trying to sequence my first beat and am having the same problem. I found this link to a review,, but I can't find the solution anywhere. I'm new to the forum and propellerheads so how the hell are you supposed to fix these things? There is no propellerhead cust service phone # or anything so moderators, IT guys, anyone please help.

*EDIT* Hahaha had to switch to linear mode to see all the replies. I just restarted reason and its all good. Looks like its a little glitch, hope there are updates coming soon if it is an ongoing problem.

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Originally Posted by imadjay View Post
I'm having the same problems when I want to copy a bar. It happens when I want to copy a bar with the shortcut function CMD+C and when I go to the edit menu and press copy!

I work on a mac. 10.5.8 and using Reason 6.01

Please help me out, it is really anoying!
This happens to me too
Old 2013-03-03, 00:44
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im, getting this message from saving a track, i need this track to open, how do i open it??????

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