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Old 2012-12-27, 09:16
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Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
This was fantastic! What a joy to listen to! My favorite part was the breakdown / musical interlude that starts at about 1:50.... you are doing interesting things to the chord progression and you make it all work!

Although the vibe is a bit different, I found this reminiscent of the first album of Karl Bartos (ex-Kraftwerk) in his project Electrik Musik. The album was called "Esperanto". If you don't know it I think you will like it!
So happy to have your comment. Actually I am not confident of the interlude part, but I am relieved to hear that.

I am a deep fan of Kraftwerk and of course I hold Karl Bartos in respect. But it's a shame of me I have not heard that song yet. Thank you for the recommendation and definitely I will check this.

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