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Originally Posted by midas78 View Post
@ rvolt
cool, let me know! whatever happened to that PaperChaser remaster you done. I really wanted to check it out. I like the stutter effect you added to the 1st take.
I emailed the project back to you. Let me know if it went through. I didn't hear from you for a month on it . I didn't do much, but I installed a beat repeater, worked on smoothening vocals in neptune, and gave you a fat bassline to play with. I'll give it another try after new years since I now have decent speakers to work with, but I do have a few projects with members here to work on as well.

Edit: I think I hear that sub bass in this track a I right ?

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Originally Posted by sharethaj View Post
I really like it NICE!!!!
thanks for listening!
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Yo tight beat! I do agree you got some serious freqs clashing on the low end. I would love to mixdown your beat for you if you would allow me to. I would do a live broadcast on my Ustream channel so you could watch me mix your beat live.

I did a live broadcast earlier and mixed reason user BEATSKNOCKING's beat "bottles up" and he was very happy with the results. If your interested let me know and we'll set a time when I can mix your beat live.

I'm going to be mixing another one of BEATSKNOCKING beats live again in a few days, maybe you can watch how I mix his beat live and decided afterwords if I could mix this live for you.


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