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Old 2012-12-29, 15:06
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Originally Posted by SONNYHOTmusic View Post
Hey, thanks everyone for your feedback!!! @Jlgrimes, what if they made it similar to the Mclass? That would be pretty cool, come to think of it... Just Imagine!!!! Man, I can see it now!!! Imagine, a Mclass style rack extension for mastering... Hint, Izotope, Waves, Brainworx, etc.. Full with presets and combinators..
I think the problem is Ozone is extremely different than Mclass. And any attempt to make it like Mclass will mean feature reductions.

No spectrum analyzer
Minimum look ahead processing due to lack of latency compensation.

I don't really want a scaled down mastering system. I think the ball is more in the Props field in making the SDK more flexible. I think if they did this, we would already have these type of effects.

I do think they could make the multiband, and the exciter as separate modules.

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