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Originally Posted by kungfujedi View Post
Unless you're processing some very vanilla breaks/samples with very good transients, i cannot imagine you would want to batch process into rex files anyway. I always find a lot of slice by slice tweaking is order. No one setting works good for everything. Maybe thats just me.
Can't agree more or more stressfully agree too. Remember that "Garbage In = Garbage Out." Take a lot of care with your loops and you'll be rewarded with the benefits when it comes time to use them. If a batch converter were possible, you'd end up with a bunch of loops that may or may not work the way you expect.

Personally, I take each loop and audition/slice them one slice at a time, even if I know exactly where the slice point needs to go and even on very obvious transients. Every now and again you end up with a situation where the transient and slice looks right, but listen to it and it's off. You can't figure this out unless you audition them individually.

So don't trust the sensitivity setting. It's good to use as a starting point, but I always have to go in and either delete incorrect slices or add ones in that were missed.

Just say NO to junk rex files. Your music and listeners will thank you for it.
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Just use the loops.....I found a way.....use a database program like the loop u want then drag it anyware in the seq...then use the scale tempo to the same bars as the loop use allaround streach and boom acid loops in reason....and they sound real good!!!!!....cause I have over 300gb of loops and it would take me years to make rexs.....but u can use import audio file also but reason can't audition files over 8 bars long....but basehead is way easier if u need funk bass it will pull all files that are titled funk bass....or perc...fills anything....I wisk that reason would add the scale tempo option on import or drag and would elimniate the one step

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