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Windows 8 Firewire / USB Experience

Finally got a decent computer.

ASUS 16G ram / i7 3770 3.4 but no firewire

Motu audio express has firewire or usb.

The usb work nearly fine, but somethimes cracks and pops comes up / sometimes not, close, reopen the same song and they stop, cant find a pattern. cracks pops continues even when song is stopped and the cpu bar very low (one).

On xp, I was on firewire cause the usb just would not work (lots of pops and clicks continuously)

So the question

Is it worth purchasing a firewire pci-e card, cause from what I have been reading, its troublesome on windows 8,

Have any of you had succes with windows 8 and firewire.

Or have you encountered the cracks and pop on usb in windows 8 (remind that they are random and sometimes reopening the same song makes them go away), if so have you found a solution other than increasing the buffer size (I need 4ms max)

Or is it better just to sell the Motu and go via pci-e audio card.
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If your Asus (laptop, I assume) has an express card slot you can get a firewire card for little money nad simply use any firewire audio interface.

I'm not sure for windows 8 though, but in general it should just work if you've got windows 8 drivers for that firewire card.
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Never had any problems with USB soundcards on Windows 8.

I'm actually in a stupid situation: I have two expensive firewire soundcards. But buying a laptop that supports firewire, compared to the cheap but excellent 8Gig of RAM new laptop I just bought, would cost me MORE money that replacing my firewire soundcards by USB ones.


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