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Well music is something that you mostly hear, not imagine!

Do you have any of your music so the public could hear? It doesn't have to be 5-10 songs... but one or two.

you said that your single will have our "studios bumping" and "body moving".. you meant clubs right ? not an actual music studio ?

And I also understand that you have enough tracks for an album and don't want to leak any of it yet !
But as an artist you must have at least 1 or 2 other tracks that you can leak out so we can get a feel for your music. Shoot even an instrumental of an none album track, playing in the background of your video would have giving me in insight and what to expect ! how can you ask for money with out showing a product ?

I'm not being mean. I watch your entire with interest presentation waiting to hear anything musical instrumental/singing etc.... It was only your voice,color changes in the video and apparently reason on a computer behind you ?!? sorry But did I miss something ?

any way ...I looked you up, got to hear your tracks
Eminem Rip
powder trippen

Ok I really like that Powder trippen tarck the instrumental !! funky and old school

if you don't come up with the money $5.000
----> ****keep producing and keep producing and keep freaking producing **** <---- ;-)
Love your sound so far !!! love your editing and effects good stuff !!!

Really like that Music on that Soldier track.. I understand your lyrics and love the fact that you are expressing your self in Rap... but that (instrumental) TRACK "SOLDIER" is f*$@ hOT !!

If you can find some time, try to produce tracks for ACAPELAS THAT ARE ALREADY OUT ...that's how lots of producers are getting there names out there with out "having to relatively speaking "SPEND TONS OF MONEYS" !"

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