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I used to have abs like that.

If you want to do a press release, not sure you will attract enough attention here. If you want some feedback on your music, then this is the right place.

Not sure if you are using Reason exclusively or not but if you are, you might want to dial back the Neptune a crack. I realize that heavy duty pitch correction is popular in some circles but unless you truly have a bad voice, try leaving your vocals more natural sounding. That first bit where you sing before the beat kicks in, I can hardly understand your lyrics because you have the pitch correction dialed in so hard. You have some cool sounds going on. I think that your kick drum is too weak for this genre. The drums in general could use more dynamics, maybe side chain processing? Right at 1:27, the guy whose rapping has too much reverb on his voice. You have some cool production going on, the transition at 2:17 is cool but again too much reverb on the voice. Right around 2:30 you have some great vocal arrangements going on, especially with the harmonizing. At 3:10, I recognize that arpegio patch that kicks in.. Malstrom? Sounds cool.
It's a pretty good track when all is said and done, work on the mix a bit thought it's lacking in punch and it's a bit to reverberant in parts. Just my opinion, you are free to disagree. Good work.

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