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Old 2013-01-01, 19:25
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Originally Posted by onemidi View Post
You sound like a little kid who thinks everything is a joke; posting idiotic statements like "1+1=2, in Cubase too", and "Must be hard to make 1+1=2.ö". You don't realize how silly you sound thinking all DAWs sound the same. "A Wav file is a Wav file", true... but its the process, the coding, and the math in every software that will determine how it deals with the Wav file. You don't have to take my word for it, go to Presonus's website and hear them talk about how their mix engine has been redone to achieve a more transparent sound. Go to Avid's website and hear them brag about how the new Pro Tools will give you extended and more defined low end and overall a more accurate sound. Cubase, Logic, you name it...just go to their websites and hear them brag about their mix engines.

You seem to think all DAWs are the same but they're not. They each have special coding and different mix engines that give them a unique sound, just like plug-in EQs and compressors. That's why if you want a particular sound, you'll choose a UAD compressor over an SSL, or a Neve EQ over a Tube-Tech EQ.

So let me ask you this, if all DAWs are the same then do you think the score for "Avatar" could be done in Reason, start to finish like it was in Pro-Tools, and achieve the same results? If you've only been making and mixing music for a year, then I can understand your lack of adequate knowledge on this topic. But if you've been at it for 3+ years and STILL think all DAWs are the same, then this is profession is probably not for you. You also shouldn't respond to threads like these with this inaccurate, self-imposed sense of informed authority, while making fun of someone who may very well have more knowledge and skill than yourself.
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