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Old 2012-12-25, 19:13
dave2332 dave2332 is offline
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I am having an issue with the same error message "Engine not responding, Please exit and check installation and sound card." But I only get this message when I load a particular song. I have rarely had problems with Reason and this is the first major problem I've encountered. I cannot open the song file and I am given the error message every time. Other song files work with no problem. I am running Windows 7, 3.4 ghz Intel CPU, 16 gb of ram. I recently installed two rack extentions shortly before the problem occurred. Is the file corrupted? Did I lose the music I made?
Old 2013-01-02, 11:32
jengstrom jengstrom is offline
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Dave2332: Please contact e-mail support.

Here's the form on Windows:

The message about "engine not responding," is most commonly caused by a hung/stuck ASIO driver, but it's not certain. We can probably get the song file working if you attach it to your support e-mail.

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