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Old 2013-01-03, 19:27
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Originally Posted by alternating.bit View Post
I think having 2 monitors really solves any issues. I know the software shouldn't demand such a thing, but nevetheless, since I used to work with Reason versions 2 & 3 and was used to a single column rack layout, I still stick with that setup. The right-to-left rack is indeed an utter mess to me.

The right monitor can be used for the sequencer and SSL mixer and the left simply the rack. I use a smaller monitor for the rack on a lower resolution setting so that the rack items are larger and easier to see.

I agree that a lot of the disconnect of what's connected to what can be minimized with multiple displays. I have a very similar setup; L = rack, laptop in center = sequencer, R = SSL, but my external display resolution (only 1920x1200) allows for 2-1/2 rack widths, not just one... and I love that I only view the transport section on the laptop display and created a keyboard shortcut to show/hide all navigators to give just a bit more space. I tend to use each rack bay for different types of instruments; drums, horns, keys etc., reserving one bay for audio track rack units.

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