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Talking "Become" Beat Tape (Recycle Addict)

Hello fellow P-Heads. I just released my second beat tape titled "Become" utilizing all our lovely toys such as "dr.rex", "radical piano", "echo" and of course the beastly "buffre". Im mainly sample based though the intro track is made from scratch. Now the shameless plug --if my sounds sound any familiar I have been very lucky enough to be featured in the new "soul school 2" commercial and last years "a day in the studio with balance" commercials!!!! Go propellerheads and thank you Ryan!! Anyways, I would love some feedback and good ears if you can lend them. here is the linky

Did I mention it was free!

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This is a wonderful work of art dude. I've got mad love and appreciation for the factor of realness in your work. You actually reminded me of what hip-hop is supposed to sound like. I fell in love with the Sunset Orange track. Totally organic stuff. I think as the album progressed I lost some of the wow factor that drew me into it in the first place. I can't tell if it was just my short attention span or what, LOL. I'm going to listen to it again.
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I don't listen to hiphop that much, but this was something that really kept me listening. Good job!
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like it
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Wow! I really appreciate the feedback, that means quite a lot. Id like to think I work hard on my craft so thank you for the kind words. Sunset Orange is one of my favorites also.
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Thank you for taking the time to.Respect.
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The Intro track started out a bit slow for me but dang the rest of it was awesome. I agree with prizebeatz1 that Sunset Orange was awesome. Great work. So smooth.

I also really liked "where you are" and the beginning of Just Friends is perfect... sounds like scat singing.
New Pacific Deep track, Expire. Album out soon!

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Thank you Carlgrace. I appreciate the feedback and taking time to listen. Means a lot to me. #respect

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