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Old 2013-01-05, 05:24
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A quick critism first (sorry!) ... I think you should use more reverb, I noticed its lack in the collab thread you posted too. An easy problem to sort out OK to the song, I think you've got some really good things going on here, some nice sounds and some very good contrasts, that bass drop is BIG and FAT It just sounds a bit MIDI at the moment because there isn't much GLUE holding it together, Reverb will do a lot of that for you. Also, maybe a bit more release on some sounds? I hope you don't think this is too critical... I can really hear what you are going for and I think you are close but perhaps the above will help with the "flow" a bit? I can see why you like it as it is as it's very precise and sharp... so feel free to ignore me
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