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Create a track via mixer selection

Hi Props,

I'm not an expert user and this might already be addressed, but when I do a control click or go to the edit menu for a selected channel in the mixer, I would like to be able to create a track from the menu that comes up. Instead, I find myself having to control click on the unit in the rack (or go to the edit menu while the unit is selected) to create a track. Seems like a simple enough fix? Thanks! :-)
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If you use command T(mac) CTRL T(PC) it will create an audio track after the currently selected track. Hope that helps a bit! You can be in the main mixer, the rack, or the sequencer and this will work
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Hi - thanks for your reply and the shortcut. Just to clarify, I'm talking about instrument tracks rather than audio tracks. So while creating a new instrument will automatically create a new channel for that instrument in the mixer, it WON'T automatically create a sequencer track to go along with this channel---it will only create a new sequencer track for the instrument itself. The only way (that I've found) to create a new sequencer track for each channel involves clicking on the Mix unit in the rack. If that makes sense.

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