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Originally Posted by mattcbass View Post
The fact that these 2 issues are linked by the CTRL button is at least a bit better. Just need to know why (sometimes) clicking on the mixer, resets all the sliders and freezes them.

I'm not experienced enough to know what I did just before it happened and usually save and re-open Reason to sort it. But last few times, that hasn't helped and just freezes/resets on my first click of the mixer
As JoshuaPhilgarlic stated above, the issue is your CTRL key. As long as the computer thinks it's pressed its not going to let you move any of the faders. If it has worked before it might have been that your computer would occasionally realized that it's not pressed, but I would assume that the issue has gotten worse, which would explain why the mixer "freezes" every time now rather sometimes like before
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