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Originally Posted by AnthonyMichaelAngelo View Post
I like it. Melodies drive me through the track. The production quality seems to not be an issue at all because it works for this vibe.

Thanks. What the track means to me is more important than the production in this case. I appreciate the fave. Going to check some of your tunes.

Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
I really like it, fantastic melody. Sounds super fresh even though it's almost 10 years old.

Liked the distorted kick and appreciated that it doesn't dominate the mix.

I loved how your melody is mostly major key but dips into minor key at times... keeps us off balance!

Love love love the phased chords like at 1:27 for example. Are those from the FSB? What's the patch?

All in all a beautiful track.
Thanks for your kind comments Carl. The phased chords are the old NN19 patch "Orchstrings" with the good old PH-90 phaser. I went through a stage of having phased strings in most songs

Originally Posted by rvolt View Post
Sounds good Mr Tincture. Not the typical sound one would assume to be inspired from a death, but it is good.
Thanks rvolt. I think there were a mixture of emotions going on.

Originally Posted by scoobyman View Post
I like this piece. In my headphones that tend toward bass, the high end sounds really good.
Thanks Scoob. It sounds good on my Senn HD600's as well which I use more than I should for mixing.

I have to say it means a lot getting such nice feedback, thanks everyone.
Zac Scott
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