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Originally Posted by QVprod View Post

I wouldn't necessarilly call them unnecessary, besides the majority of the rack fx in the shop aren't made by Propellerhead. As for competing with NI, why? Reason is a daw, NI stuff can only be used in addition to a daw, besides there are third parties for that (The kontakt format is huge because of third parties).

You're right,calling the effects themselves,unnecessary, is a bit of a misnomer...but the fact that we're getting inundated by effects & shortchanged on VST's..doesn't make sense.
That is to say,there was already a multitude of effects to work with and that I think upgrades in areas like strings,brass & such,should be a higher priority,is all I'm saying.

I'm assuming you mean Radical Keys? Grated I love NSK as well but as far as I know Jamal's not making a Re of the new 3X version anytime soon (if at all).
Actually,I was referring to the Neo Soul Keys(by SamplerBanks);

However though,I misread the price as being in USD(24.95)...but it's in pounds and then I assumed it would be around $40 or so...but when I added it to my cart,it turned out to be $80...something doesn't seem right.In any event,the Radical Keys seem like a far better value(especially since the Neo Soul Keys is limited to only a suitcase emulation.

It also has violin sounds. Not sure what other sounds you would expect from a string refill though. Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double-bass pretty much cover all the orchestral string instruments (harp?). Or were you referring to not having orchestral horns or choirs? There is the vinatage horns refill from big fish audio but then gain its a bit more geared toward soul/jazz/funk.
The other "sound" I'd like to see in a string refill,is an ensemble preset,but then I suppose I could just do some layering.
As for brass...well..I was thinking more in terms of cinematic type sounds ...but still,it's a nice program.
As for choirs...the only decent sounding choir sounds I had found,was from Sonic Reality's bundle...but still,it's not quite as authentic sounding as it could be.
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Being an urban music maker I tend to use synths and authentic sample based sounds so I totally agree with what uniformedservices69 is saying, we definitely need more variety in terms of sample based refills regardless of whether reason has the orkester sound bank. I hope that a new sampler RE is made some time in the future and much more instruments are made in general really way to many effects REs if you ask me
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Originally Posted by JoshuaPhilgarlic View Post
Why are you writing in bold characters??? We're not blind!

Back to topic: it's fine to have the Orkester Sound Bank in Reason for free, but if you need more you should consider providers who are specialised in this kind of stuff, e.g. the Miroslav ReFill! Did you ever think about how expensive it is to record an orchestra? I can't emagine the price Props whould charge us for Reason if professional orchestra samples would be included!
The Miroslav Refill totally underwhelmed me. I was prepared to buy it however when I listened to the sounds I decided it was not worth it. I realize a proper recording takes a lot of money, time and effort however I'm not asking for a huge massive library, I'm rather asking for a decent collection of GOOD sounding samples of all kinds of orchestral instruments and sounds (strings, brass, horns, choirs etc.).

There are some really expensive specialized sample libraries out there, one for choirs alone costs something like USD 800.- however this provides me with one specific area only and getting a full orchestra sample library selection can easily start to cost a fortune. For a non-professional total overkill. I'm looking for something in the middle, Miroslav simply does not cut it for me, Orchestra soundbank is very basic and so is many others and also, ideally I would be looking for proper Reason Refills in any case and not some Kontact library since I'm using Reason only.

One more thing, actually creating a Reason specific stock library or even a dedicatd sample based RE should prevent piracy and therefore a could be fincially worthwhile. As we know from some other thread, most normal sample libraries get pirated big time in any case so that about 50% or so of the potential revenue goes down the drain. That would not be the case for a Reason stock refil or an RE

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