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Old 2012-12-17, 16:32
jamesgabi jamesgabi is offline
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Well I think we might be expecting something from Reason 7.. I sense that there is something great in store.. and patience is virtue..

PH need to invest more into modern extensions rather than trying to introduce classic/contemporary extensions to the rack.. I mean the PX7 was a great idea to have a dedicated FM synth, however at that price I was expecting MUCH more features ..

Hopefully the new wave of plugins will be more advanced and modern..

Good Vibes

Old 2013-01-11, 17:52
Mehdo Mehdo is offline
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Originally Posted by jamesgabi View Post
I don't want to actually compare the two DAW's together. They are 2 different software with possibly different uses.

But for heavens sake.. For the same price or even cheaper you get SOOOO many many many more tools.

With the advent of Sonar X2 I'm sure my perception of the things we get compared to what we pay will be more clear.

What I'm looking for is someone willing to point out what the actual benefits are of having Reason 6.5 compared to Sonar X1/2 and all its features.
Reason 6.5 and Sonar x2 the difference is 1 Reason has no midi out, no vst support, but you can buy there proprietory RE Sonar x2 is open to everything I think the sound in Sonar is better Reason sounds a little muffled Sonar x2 is more clear sounding I think both or good programs and I think both require fast computers now
Old 2013-01-11, 19:00
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Originally Posted by jamesgabi View Post
Really late response but fx chains are possible in reason as well via the combinator included on every mix channel. Just not on the ssl, but it is possible to copy/paste channels from one session to another if needed in the mean time.

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