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Originally Posted by MayorMcCheese View Post
3rdFloor - Your mental and physical database for this place is what amazes me!

shawntheus – The link that 3rdFloor gives in Post #6 is the thread with EditEd’s post that I mentioned. The whole thread is worth reading and here’s an excerpt from Ed’s post (by “they” he means YouTube):

“.. If "they" say you do not have authorization to use the music you created using Reason, tell "them" to specifically show you how you're violating the EULA. I can guarantee you 100% they're wrong. Sounds like they may be looking for a way to squeeze you out of any monetization.”

YouTube does NOT apologize to ANYONE!! They consider us just mere mortals and they would certainly not stoop to our level and apologize! You have a better chance at successfully creating a clone of yourself.

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