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Question Using drums in music

I wondered if anyone knew of a way to add drum tracks to a song but without using a keyboard to play the beats in.(basically I cannot play drums on a keyboard or play them in real life)
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just create a sequencer track and draw the midi notes. (make sure you are drawing on the correct octave to trigger the notes).
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Er... Rex loops? Redrum patterns?
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In the sound bank there are issuable dry drums/cymbs/hihats.
Load them up into your re drums & program your patterns,
then transfer them to the sequencer below/w right click drop-menu selection 'copy to track'.
You can duplicate them, slice em down , etc then.
Damn boring. Know what you're doing w/ EQ & compression, mastering suites for stereo widening etc. & you'll get
decent drums & cymbs. I put my exported tracks, mixed in recorder w/ the r4 bass lines
thru tracks 'bass pump' patch to make them clear, punchy & realistic.
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What's wrong with using the sequencer to add your note events to make your beats?

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