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Old 2013-01-10, 22:21
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I also recommend Audio Hijack Pro. This has been a very very useful tool for me for years for all kinds of stuff. Definetly check out Soundflower as well, as it's free software (and Audio Hijack uses it as its backbone i think). But Audio Hijack Pro can do a lot more, like sampling from a running dvd with a key combo, processing it through a compressor and saving it to a directory. Or recording internet radio on schedule.
Old 2013-01-11, 22:13
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Simple... Audio Hijack Pro. It lets you record any audio source from the system or any running application (I used it to sample off of YouTube all the time). In addition to hijacking and regarding audio it also works as a stand alone VST host which means you can use it with reason to run Frequency Analyzers without having to deal with Rewire.
Old 2013-01-12, 03:48
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This is how I sample anything into Reason from the internet, windows media, ect with out other software like sound flower. Go to radio shack or where ever and get a 1/8 (3.5mm)Dubbing cable make sure its 1/8 (3.5mm) stereo male to 1/8 (3.5mm) stereo male. I have M-audio mobile pre USB sound card but all sound cards have the same in's and out's. Go from your headphone or line out of sound card to your stereo mic or line in of sound card and that will make you able to sample anything you hear on your computer. After your finish sampling unplug the cable and make your beat. Case closed!!!

PS: You can record audio tracks with this method or sample into deivces that sample or use the tool window its your choice

I answered this before

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Old 2013-01-21, 02:09
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No because you can only choose input and output or mic as input and output. In the old days on windows you choose direct input i think
Old 2013-01-21, 02:10
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Thanks a lot guys im on it right now. Thanks for the quick responses

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