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Sorted With thanks…
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I first saw the thread title and thought "nerd" with the purposeful misspelling. This track is trippy and awesome. I think the mix is fine, but there can always be some EQs dabbled with to enhance clarity.

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Cheers and thanks for your encouragement!
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very well done. I like that slow dragging bass sound that winds down. Solid kick drum and cool delay effects, subtle and not overdone. Good development and progression on the whole. I dig this and it's not even the genre of music I mess with.
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Amazing progression throughout the entire track, beautiful eerie feeling. The scales makes me think of deserts and palm trees. Overall it reminds me of the "older" sound of Amon Tobin, but with less/softer breaks in the end. Added to my "All Chill" playlist on Youtube and liked!

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