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Old 2013-01-12, 18:18
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. Hide tracks
. Part editor
. All the options for audio editing
. audio quantize (like beat detective)
. aux tracks (I know how to achieve taht but more easily

And all this stuff of routing audio tracks without flip back rack who waste a lot of time ..
Old 2013-01-13, 03:51
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Originally Posted by huntspoint View Post

1) ability to group mixer tracks and more colors for tracks
4) a new effect module that triggers tape stop, stutter effect, rewind, speed up and slow down.
8) Recycle integration automatically into reason so we can chop samples all in the same program not chop in recycle and import in reason.
9) dedicated Soundfont module with ability add re-verb and effects in the player itself.
He definitely hit some good ones, Recycle integration especially. Stutter module would be nice, but that effect is going to be played and old pretty soon.
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