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Old 2012-02-01, 02:45
raleese raleese is offline
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Originally Posted by ryanharlin View Post
Mac or PC?

The first time I went to ReWire Logic to Reason 6 I had an issue and it was because Logic on my computer was the 32bit version. If Cubase is running in 32bit, then Reason needs to be in 32bit for Rewire to work. On a mac, that's as easy as just locating the Reason icon in the applications folder, choosing File -> Get Info in the Finder, and checking the Run in 32bit checkbox. Relaunch them both and ReWire will work.

On a PC I think you choose which version you install or install both and launch the right one for the right occasion.

Hey ryanharlin,

I have 32bit Reason 6 and 32 bit FL Studio. Everytime I attempt to rewire, FL Studio crashes. Any ideas?

Finally found someone with a similar problem. It seems that 3 different rewire files get installed with Reason 6 (Windows 64 bit). However, the important one that gets installed in the Windows\SysWOW64 seems to be the problem child. What I did was disabled that one by adding "- backup" to the end of the file name. Then I copied the one from the Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Propellerhead Software\ReWire folder into the Windows\SysWOW64 folder and voila!! I think Propellerhead should really be aware of this. I'm not sure how to make them aware- hopefully they'll see this post.

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Old 2012-02-23, 07:31
RemedytheRook RemedytheRook is offline
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yes. reason 6 and pro tools 10 won't rewire either.
Old 2012-02-23, 08:25
RemedytheRook RemedytheRook is offline
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nevermind. uninstalling reason and installing reason update 6.0.2 fixed the issue. huzzah!
Old 2012-06-27, 06:42
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Angry Reason 6

Originally Posted by kbace1 View Post
I've had no problems before rewiring Cubase 5 and Record/Reason 5 Duo but no luck getting Reason 6 to rewire. Anyone else having this issue

Rewire is not showing up in Reason hardware interface. I see it but cant select Rewire. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Old 2013-01-14, 17:09
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cubase 4 and rewire problems with reason 6.5

I have Cubase 4 and I just got reason 6.5 and it won't rewire. both are in 32 bits. how do I fix this please???

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