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Originally Posted by slevin View Post

P.S. The aforementioned information is based on the assumption that you will be making professional mixes that require significant amount of DSP power in Reason which of course is understandable if you have a project with 48+ tracks. Even if you are starting out with just mixing 16-24 tracks you still want a system that will be able to grow with you which is why if you are going with an "i" series Intel processor I highly recommend that it be an i7.
Thank you! I am starting to mix with a good amount of channels. And right now my pc with moderate instruments starts to peak at around 10-12 Mix channels...and if i have a good sized combinator or any rich pad...forget it.

But thanks for your input! Much appreciated.
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Here is my 2 cents.

I love my Mac Mini 2.4 Core Duo mid 2010. It has run perfect but 2 days ago the FireWire port went died and the only way to fix it is a not logic this got me to thinking.

1. I love OSX and will never go back to windows.
2. For a studio a Mac Mini is Small and Silent.
3. Computer don't last for ever.
4. I have to have a computer to record.
5. I love recording it's a part of me.

So knowing this and also the fact the software keeps getting updated and needing more CPU/RAM as time goes I am going to implement a method of always having a Silent, Small computer running OSX.

The 2012 base model is $599 with Dual Core i5 and can have 8GB Ram which will have no problems running any major DAW, but given I want mine to last at least 3 years I will go with the 2.6 i7 Quad-Core and bump it up to 16 GBS and that should be a great computer for 3 years. Before the end of the 1 year warranty I buy the Apple Care for $149 and this insures my main Studio equipment and I never do anything but turn it on and make music and then turn it off.

Just a note..check out the power ratings for the 2.6 i7 QuadCore Mac Mini's they are up there with the Mac Pros...they are the real deal.

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Yea that is what I was talking about.
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Originally Posted by QVprod View Post
but the statement that all macs will run Reason well is in fact a true and (by way of the other comments in this thread if nothing else) proven statement.
If by "well" you mean Reason opens up, then yes.

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