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I tried to get into Logic for a while back when i was stil in school (not that long ago)....didn't last long. I didn't like the workflow much and...ultrabeat..... couldn't stand it. It was probably the most complicated drum machine I ever used. I know alot of people would probably disagree with me but aside from audio editing and I guess quantizing and piano roll editing was better, I actually prefer Reason's sequencer.

Rewiring might be a good combination, but... I hated rewire in Logic. Not to fond of the external instrument thing. I think Pro Tools deals with rewire alot better.

Interesting you had better succes with fruity loops though. I started with that as well and once I was introduced to Reason somewhere around 2008 I never looked back. I guess I was never really fond of that step sequencer, and as a sound engineer I guess the cable routing just appealed to me much better. The stock sounds in reason were also alot better that FL as well imho
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