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Originally Posted by DUPLEXX View Post
AUTO SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It can´t be that hard to add this, can it!? This function is awfully useful and guess what??? Most of the other DAWs guessed right...offer it!
With the all hands for this one!
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Originally Posted by campekenobi View Post
I'm very happy with Reason 6.5, and with new Rack Extensions constantly popping up, my only request is please NO NOT allow RE's to be made for higher versions of Reason ONLY.
I see where you're coming from, but from what I've read around the forum, it appears the current SDK for REs doesn't allow deep enough integration for certain functions.

Plus given the fact that I'd give my spare kidney and bollock to upgrade to v7 if Props allowed MIDI out, it wouldn't be a problem for me.
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Video Scoring and Surround Sound Output

1 / Ability to internally (without the use of rewire/or an external app) sync the sequencer to a imported video file. provide with that fast easy scrolling; frame accurate alignment; and the inclusion of bookmarks for specifis frames(ranges).
2 / Surround sound output for both 5.1 and 7.1 audio. Including easy intuitive dynamic assignment of track(s) to a given channel (panning).
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Submix Busses are really needed!

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Eucon Support.
Dreams are only the beginning.
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MIDI OUT - Mixer grouping - Sampler improvements

1. MIDI Out
2. Grouping on the SSL
3. Sampler looping modes and modulation capabilities (in style of transwaves/wave tables)

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I agree with most of what everyone's posting. on top of that, I'd like to see:

- for audio tracks, editable pitch in Edit Mode, overlayed onto the waveform (sort of how it's done in Digital Performer, for example). I just don't like using Neptune for pitch correction.
- markers (other than just L and R)
- better track color choices
- figure out a way to let users rename, or recolor tracks so that they automatically are updated in ALL views (track/transport/rack). I understand why this doesn't happen currently (because of different routing possibilities), but I feel like there could be a way to do this by allowing users to maybe change the behavior in Preferences, or maybe just prompting users for where they'd like the changes to go.
- auto-rewind when playback is stopped
- punch in and out
- different selectable fade/crossfade shapes
- crossfading without having to use the comp editor
- convince XLN Audio to make Addictive Drums into a Rack Extension, or at least create an improvement over Reason Drum Kits 2 (it's great, but could benefit from an upgrade). maybe a new Reason module specifically designed for realistic drums?
- built in iPhone/iPad/Android parameter control. make an app so that we can use our devices to interface directly with Reason to make tweaking settings even more fun and intuitive (especially if you don't have the space or money to buy another dedicated controller) - I know there are MIDI control apps out there already, but I'm talking something designed specifically for Reason, with that trademark Propellerhead magic.
- another 52 weeks of videos
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a free computer to run it all on
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I've been an extremely dedicated Reason user since 3 came out. Before that, I was with FL Studio, and I was so happy to switch over. Im sort of saddened to see how much further Image-Line's product has came along (so I've seen and heard) than my copy of Reason 6.5..... So yes, I have some definate MUST NEEDS in Reason 7.

The wiring system needs an upgrade....can we atleast get THIN wires like they use in patchbays at any studio in Los Angeles or elsewhere?

I DEFINATLY NEED Recycle Integration. This should of been something that rolled out with Reason 6.5 in my opinion, because the technology is already there for this to be a reality right NOW.

Modern Sampler, that should be a part of the recycle integration as well.

I do need groupings like I would on any real SSL, you're already so close so go ahead and just blow us away.

And for heavens sake man....can we PLEASE get a massive update with the Reason Sound Bank, or atleast a new Sound Bank with the new version?!?!?!? its 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Steedus View Post
We need an option to use incremental saves. Much like how PT works.

I'm working with a session of my band practicing right now. It's 2.5 hours in length and I need to chop up each song and save it to it's own file. In PT this would be simple and quick. In Reason I have to save each song as it's own 4 - 5 Gig self contained file. This takes 10 - 15 mins each time. And quickly my HDD is filling up with a bunch of 4-5 Gig files, in addition to the original 30 Gig session file. It's almost impractical to use Reason with a session this size.

While I generally like the self contained way saves are handled now, please somehow give us the option to use another method that is more practical when dealing with multiple versions of a session.
This, this, this, THIS..!!! Reason has had no real use here at all, because of this

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