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Old 2013-01-17, 00:21
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a control surface dedicated to Subtractor

I have been thinking of buying a hardware analog synth, because I want to control every parameter very easily, but I love Reason, and it would be wonderful to have a control surface entirely made to control a Reason synth, like a Subtractor.
This would, of course, cost a little more than a standard control surface, but would be a good thing between the analog synth and Reason.

Considering the cost of an analog synth, it would be a good invest to buy, if needed, a "Subtractor" control surface, and a Malström one and a Thor one.

What do you think about it?
Old 2013-01-18, 05:36
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The original ReMote:
Old 2013-01-18, 07:30
cuznbedrock cuznbedrock is offline
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I got something much better! Just came across this and it's specifically made for reason 6.5 and support Rack extensions! It's Called Nektar - Panorama P4
Old 2013-01-21, 09:54
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this comes in very close, I have the Remote Zero Mkii - never have to touch my mouse or keyboard ever
Old 2013-02-05, 10:15
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Lightbulb Livid Instruments DIY

I don't think there are company's who will consider making one, but livid instruments has good DIY stuff

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