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Originally Posted by richymoore View Post
I was plugging it into a USB3 port earlier. Blue screen material, but its now in a USB2 and its all good. Whats that about Propellerhead ? Is it incompatible with USB3 ports ? I assumed this didn't matter ? Bloody need to reinstall controllers onto other usbs now ! FUCK ! Cheers tho Jon
Originally Posted by jkheal View Post
Yeah, as I understand it, it is a USB 2.0 device, but one would expect the 3.0 ports to be backwards compatible. I don't know, I would probably blame that one on the port driver, but who knows ...
Originally Posted by Arsenic View Post
There is an issue with Balance on USB 3 under Windows 7, that has been mentioned several times on the forum.

Apparently it works fine under Windows 8, due to the re-written USB code. It also works on USB 3 on the new Macs.
The USB 3.0 stack on Windows 7 is bad. This is not the fault of Propellerhead, but more so the fact that Microsoft never updated it on Windows 7 and instead implemented it correctly in Windows 8. On Windows 8 and with the Windows 8 driver, Balance works fine in USB 3.0 ports.

That said, some users here have had luck running it on Windows 7 and USB 3.0 - it's just hit or miss.
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